I consider art an act of discovery.
Each painting is a journey into an unknown terrain in which I surrender logic and allow my imagination full reign to translate intuitive concepts into colors and forms.

Color has become the most important part of my work.

The way I see it, colors are the channel to heart and soul, while the rational mind should be more and more confined to the function of a mere practical tool. Here I am in complete antithesis with the world of intellectuals I grew up with, who revered the predominance of the rational mind over emotions,seen as muddy waves of the barbaric Id.
Not so for me.

Passion, curiosity, love, the motions of the heart identify us as humans, and in unison with the sterilized product of the mind lead humanity to progress.

But in Art: when the artist’s “ratio” lets go, “art” manifests itself, and the work takes on a life of its own.